Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite 2013 Videos

I submit my favorite 15 videos from 2013. Not necessarily that they were created in 2013, but that I became aware of them in 2013. Why 15? Why not? Let's go!

#15: Flying Eagle POV

It's one thing to imagine this or to see a CGI rendering from the LOTR movies, but it's another thing altogether to see it for real.

#14: Dream of the 90's - Portlandia on IFC

Ok, so this is not safe for work or safe for kids, but as a teenager of the 90's, I can relate to a lot of this. I just wish I watched this before going to DrupalCon in Portland back in May ... it would have explained a lot.

#13: Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy

Battle of the Spocks. A commercial, but to hear Nimoy sing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins again is priceless.

#12: Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

This should probably be stricken from the list for its hedonistic and consumer values, but if you were wondering how much you could spend on a Starbucks drink, look no further.

#11: Two Monkeys Demand Equal Pay

Good to see that humans aren't the only selfish species.

#10: Feynman on trains

My wife is ahead of me on appreciating Feynman and how he can make previously unapproachable subjects not only approachable, but understandable to the point where you could teach it. I enjoyed this talk on trains and had no idea they worked like this. Never really thought about it before, but now I get it.

#9: Chompy the Shark

Yeah, I couldn't paddle fast enough and never (ever) go into that body of water again.

#8: Billy Joel singing with a student accompanist

It took some stones to request this, but the guy has chops and the end result is pure magic.

#7: Speed Painter on Anderson Cooper

I had to watch this multiple times.

#6: Volvo Trucks Stunt with Jean-Claude Van Damme

Crazy stunt. Of course, Chuck Norris had to top that.

#5: Latte for SharShar

SNL has really stepped up their game this year with some great comedy, including this great parody skit on the new Starbucks Verismo system. This video is no longer available on Hulu, but it looks like you can watch it on Vimeo.

#4: Almost Pizza

Another SNL gem. This is available on YouTube ... for now. I miss Bill Hader & Kristin Wiig.

#3: What Does the Fox Say?

I'm sure I lose some hipster points for this, but it is so great and bonus points for being something I can play (& dance) with my kids.

#2: New Hotspurs Manager

When NBC got the rights to the Premier League, they made a promo video with Jason Sudeikis.

#1: Jaws recut

I will never look at Jaws the same way again and if anyone ever brings up the Jaws movie around me, I will start laughing (at least on the inside). Sooo good.

I created a playlist of the 13 videos available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.